Cori Pitcher

Marti Dvorsky

Heather Houzenga 

Justin Tedford

Adam Gobeli 

Nash Cox

Shane McCallister

Sarah Benesh

   Jeanne Allgold

The intent for my work is to show a connection to nature, and my strong desire to be outside hiking , paddling, skating, or biking. I realized early in this journey that I will never be a great technical worker and I’m OK with that, I’m more interested in color and texture than in making the prettiest vase or bowl- ( and have come to think of the glass as a canvas), realizing also that the shape that  the color and texture are applied to does matter. I also try to inject a bit of humor whenever I can.

Blair Gauntt 

Art can evoke emotions and memories.  Through my artwork, I want to produce smiles and happy memories; more good vibes are needed in the world. 

Grant William Thye

Sculpture Show in Cherry Building

Born and raised in Cedar Rapids, IA. Cori's monster art is colorful, cute and will make you smile. She creates her art in a variety of mediums - paint, ink and fabric.

Nancy Solbrig

Amethyst Warrington

John is working toward building a mobile hot glass unit to better showcase the art process to the public and to provide more opportunities for himself and others in the community to access the magic of hot glass. In addition to educating the public about glass and promoting glass as a creative medium, John Krizan is interested in lighting, design and making one of a kind functional and sculptural works in glass. 

Michael Lavelle

​Robert Olsen

John MacDonald focuses on wheel thrown bowls with various glazing techniques.

Angie Tornabane creates hand built refined pinch pots from one piece of clay with various textures, carvings and surface treatments.

Bill Ball works with draped and manipulated shapes in clay.

Anthony Huber 

Niq Thomas

Steve Mineck 

Russ Fagle

Aaron Moseley

I’m an artist and graphic designer located in Rock Island, Illinois.  I love to bring new life to what other people might consider old, useless, or out of date junk.  These bots have been a passion of mine for the past five years. Always, on the lookout for old junk wherever I go.  Never knowing where the next great inspiration for a robot may come from.  Being that the first bot came from an old scape pile of metal and junk.  Now making bots with everything from computer parts, electrical parts, spice tins, and even bots with a bit of nature.

Michelle Fisher

Al Sabin

Rosemary Craig

Connie Rogers

Mark Pearson

I get most of my inspiration from nature, my extensive gardens, and a love of all things art nouveau.  Vintage treasures collected on my travels abroad every year highlight my work. My designs combine brass I manipulate to make my own settings and hand age with my lamp worked beads I make from Moretti glass collected in Italy. I make my own findings and paint, texture, wirework, patina, and solder brass.  

Tabatha Jones 

Never ending chaos with slivers of beauty and pockets of harmony. That's how people see my art and that's how I see the world. When someone looks at one of my paintings, they often see things that aren't there. They extract meaning that wasn't intended. People do that in the world, too. Sometimes I'm confused by reactions to a painting of mine, much in the same way I'm confused by the reactions of people to the world. The meaning of life isn't something I think can be found externally. It's something that comes from within. I feel the same way about my art. You can look at one of my paintings for a long time and see many things but I didn't put them there.

For me, the art comes easy. Living in this world is the hard part. 

John Krizan 

Bill Ball

NewBo Art Fest

Dania De Bortoli

Kyle Powell

I headed straight to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design after high school. While there I focused on graphic design, print, and photography. I graduated with BFA and majored in Photography. I enjoyed living in Minneapolis for the five years I was there but I chose to move back Iowa to be near family.

Deb Weiser

George Herman 

Paul Marlow

Elaine Peyton

Wayne Anderson

Ceramic Center

​Lisa Nelson

Tim Gallenbeck 


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Dead Happel 

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